The Cherry Orchard Project was performed for private audiences only. As no press were invited, we asked audience members for their thoughts after the performance.


"so much more true than anything naturalism could ever capture. I watched with my heart pounding. Subtle, funny, visually beautiful, surprising, heartbreaking, perfect. I could feel Checkov smiling!" 
--Mireille Enos, Tony-nominated actress


"the COP is a fascinating, thought-provoking, and beautiful adaptation that presents chekhov's well-known work in a magical and modern light."
Kellen Zale, lawyer


“I’m not only delighted by it but I notice some new wonderful aspect of it each time I see it. brilliantly directed and …incredible performances throughout.”
-Diane Johnston


“I have a Masters Degree in English, and have read The Cherry Orchard many times.  I read it again shortly before seeing the drama performed by your wonderful troup.  You gave an intellectual masterpiece emotions, laughter, tears…You put legs on a horse,… tenderness in a drama that I once read as cold and curious. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”
--Rev. Jim T. Ainsworth.


“a nimble reshaping of chechov…inspired rhythm of staging and chorgeography, inspired use of audio/music....”
–Ben Telford, filmmaker


“We were recently privileged to experience the Cherry Orchard Project. I say experience because that is what it is. The actors created this other world and then invited us in. If you are lucky enough to see a showing of this piece, do not miss the opportunity! “
–Mike & Marty McCambridge

" Inspiring, often breathtaking and deeply profound."
--Diana Castle, The Imagined Life


" Unique...innovotive...emotional. I was truly impressed."
Tom Johnston, lead singer "Doobie Brothers"

"We loved the show. It has been haunting me in the right way - for days. The echo resonates deeply..."
--Nancy Nigrosh, literary agent