“Exquisite…This work commands respect”
-The Oxford Times, on "Numb"

“The intensity of Thoman’s work leaves you with images that burn brightly on the retina, images that will not fade away”
-Scotland on Sunday, on "Numb"

“A visual journey, a series of images poetically brought to life…Perception altering games with light, space and time rub smoothly against a sculptural ballet of flesh, muscle and bone”
-Timeout, on "Numb"

“Radiant and beautiful, tense and profound…Thoman has magic in her hands”
-Triple F, Edin burgh, on "Numb"

“In its stark and brutal honesty, a stunning example of physical expression”
-Edinburgh Evening News, on "Numb b."


“… all emotion, bypassing our jaded mentalities with elegance and honesty.”
-Footloose in London, on "Numb"


“The audience is compelled on a journey not easily forgotten. This piece will stay with you”
-Footloose in London, on "Numb"

“Innovative, courageous and controversial…always enthralling, and sometimes mesmerising”
-The Stage, London, on "Numb"

“A formidable display of visual art”
-The List, on "Numb "

“One of those stumbled upon joys…her work challenges inhibitions and plays with the beauty of human…stories”
-Three Weeks, on "Numb"


“ funny, moving, and inspirational....a show that can not be missed. If you do, you will lose the opportunity to have your life changed for the better, even if just for a bit.”
BROADWAY BABY, on Two Men Talking


“Undeniably moving”
THE GUARDIAN, on Two Men Talking

“intensely moving”
THE TIMES, London, on “Two Men Talking”


“I’ve never felt so alive during a stage performance. Utterly beautiful.”
SCOTSGAY, on “Two Men Talking”

“Emotional yet unsentimental, humorous yet self-revealing, it forces you to make connections with both them and your own sense of self.”
THE LIST , Glasgow

“a persuasive and shapely show.....sincere production values and Dan Milne’s quietly sympathetic direction...”
(London Critics’ Choice), TIME OUT on “Two Men Talking”


“Dan Milne’s direction has moments of brilliance”
THE STAGE London, on “Two Men Talking”

“One of the most complex shows to hit the stage in recent years.”
(Theatre Pick of the Week) THE MAIL AND GUARDIAN South Africa, on “Two Men Talking”

“..momentous and downright necessary.”
CAPE ARGUS South Africa

“..leave your expectations at home, and go see how truth can liberate a human being.”
--DIE BEELD South Africa on “Two Men Talking”


“you really shouldn't miss ‘A Servant to Two Masters’, an experiment in controlled lunacy...and it's as delightful and delicious a farce as you're likely to see anytime soon”
(Kennedy Center) WASHINGTON POST, on “A Servant and Two Masters”


“The theatrical centerpiece was an over-the-top slapstick version of ‘A Servant to Two Masters’ of the festival's hottest tickets.”
(Spoleto Festival, Charleston) NEW YORK TIMES, , on “A Servant and Two Masters”

"Under the deft direction of Dan Milne... Postcards from Maupassant is a series of exquisite miniatures... Small, but perfectly formed."
THE TIMES London, on “Postcards from Maupassant”


"...a batch of witty, pithy and piquant theatrical sketches.... Dan Milne’s directing gives a fine polish to the company"
TIME OUT London, on on “Postcards from Maupassant”