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a play on intimacy, as real as life...

SMALL SPACE was devised, written and performed by husband and wife, Dan Milne and Jane Nash. Through the lens of personal story it examines the tension of intimacy - the desire to be together but the need to be separate, the comfort and discomfort of real closeness. Where do you end and someone else begins?

What are the stories that we tell about who we are as individuals, and how do those stories change when we begin to define ourselves in relation to someone else?

This funny and poignant hour-long piece is designed to be performed site-specifically in domestic kitchen spaces, adapting to the identities and idiosyncrasies of each new space, the characters’ intimate patterns and behaviours shadowing those of the real couples that inhabit them.


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“Avant garde theatre at its best”


“The leader of the pack is Wonderbar Productions, whose SMALL SPACE is a play about domestic intimacy designed to be staged in people’s kitchens. The manner of the staging fits beautifully with the script.“