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Small Space


Cast and Crew

Created and Performed By
Dan Milne and Jane Nash

With Direction by Alex Perrin



What audiences have said:


I found SMALL SPACE funny, moving, playful, totally engaging.
... genuinely the most inspirational piece of theatre I have seen for years.


An extraordinary theatre piece about the random nature of how we are thrown together and expected to stay together.


... razor-sharp throughout... splutter-into-your-wine funny...


I found it very moving - how many ways we tell our story to each other and to the world. Never just in the narrative of words.


This is up there as one of the best theatre experiences of my life.


We thought it was the most interesting and provocative piece of theatre we have seen in years. We were absolutely engrossed throughout your performance and spent the rest of the weekend talking about it!


I couldn't recommend this enough.


a No.63 production in association with Wonderbar Productions
with thanks to BAC London



“This is gripping, thought provoking and beautiful theatre…Outstanding and original work.”